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Peaca Juice

Peaca Juice is made up of 2 active ingredients which are Maca and Tribulus. Maca is a root vegetable that has been eaten by native Peruvians for centuries. Ancient Incan warriors ate Maca before going for war to increase energy and stamina....

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Thaniaberry Tea

Diabetes is a chronic disease which affects all groups of people of different sections of society. Modern, hectic lifestyle is contributing to increasing number of diabetics , some even in the age group of 30 to 40 years....

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I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes 6 years ago. My high blood pressure was so critical that I was admitted for mild stroke. My blood sugar was at 21. Then, 2 months ago, I was introduced by Pn Rahmah to a wonderful juice. Since I started drinking Thaniaberry Tea, my blood sugar reduced from 21 to 19. Then it went down again from 19 to 13 and when I last tested on 18th of August, it went down to 7.8. So, I am very happy because my blood sugar and high blood pressure has reduced. Wonderful!

PN YATIMAH BT TAUHID, 52 years, Malaysia


6年前我被诊断患有高血压和糖尿病。血糖在21,是如之高,被列入高风险轻度中风行列。 然而,在一次机缘巧合中,好友Pn Rahmah向我推荐一种美妙的茶饮 - - Thaniaberry Tea 。 自从我开始饮用Thaniaberry Tea,我的血糖从21降低到了19,再次从19降到13,更加让我惊喜的是在 8月18日测试时,居然降到了7.8 ,现在我的血糖一维持的很平稳,Thaniaberry Tea带给我不断的惊喜,也希望同样能够带给广大的朋友们一样的惊喜哦!


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